Eat24 Usability Case Study

A usability case study on food delivery app Eat24.

Project Intro

*This is an unsolicited case study, done to help make me a better designer.
I conducted a usability case study on food delivery app Eat24 to: 1) critically analyze problems in an existing app, 2) back up my decisions and solutions with sound reasoning and data, and 3) communicate my thinking and design process.
My main takeaway was that many people expressed confusion and frustration while searching for a restaurant to order from Eat24. I learned that the root of the mismatch between the app’s experience and the mental models of a lot of users was that users were expecting a “Yelp-like” experience. Because all of them have used Yelp, they were expecting robust search results and restaurant information before seeing menu options.

Read the full case study here!